Monday, June 25, 2012

June Member Mixer

The members of Mom's Time Out aren't all work and no play.  On Wednesday, June 20th, they gathered at fellow member Carol Watson's business, Perfect Party'z, to mix and mingle!

Besides some delicious food and drink, members shared business ideas and networked with one another, a major part of what Mom's Time Out is all about.    


The next member mixer will be held in August.  Those interested in more information about the Mom Owned Business Association, LLC (Mom's Time Out) should email  Membership applications can be found here.  

Monday, June 18, 2012

Meet our Members: Amy & Amanda of Dots & Damask Designs

Amy and Amanda worked together as colleagues and friends at Accenture before their business formed in 2010. The idea sparked after Amanda made Amy a cake carrier for her birthday. Her husband made the comment "You could sell those!". When Amanda mentioned this to Amy she said "I could make something to go with them... like Aprons!" Of course, that evening after work Amy went to the store to get fabric and started making a prototype. And that's how Dots & Damask started. It was a perfect match.

Amy and Amanda collaborated over the next few weeks to come up with a name, what products they would make and sell, and how the business would work. They worked over the next few months to get their website up and running and prepare for their first of many craft shows.  Dots & Damask serves as a creative outlet for the two of them. They are always coming up with new product ideas. Every item is custom made or has some kind of personalized customization made to it. Dots & Damask specializes in making your everyday tasks fashionable. Their products include handmade aprons, personalized dessert carriers, personalized hand sanitizers and much more!  When they are not bust at their day jobs or creating fun new items for Dots & Damask, Amy is a wife and mommy to two adorable dachshunds and Amanda is a wife and mommy to a sweet little boy. 

Find Dots & Damask online at:

Monday, June 11, 2012

Meet Our Members: Margit Miller of Pampered Chef

The name says it all, THE PAMPERED CHEF.  Any one can be one and I'm hoping that everyone in America will be a Pampered Chef someday.  I call myself the Kitchen Paramedic!  I rescue family meal time.  We sell the Highest Quality kitchen tools.
We offer 3 services:  
Like it a Little:  Buy it!
Like it a Lot:   Host a Party and get it FREE and Discounted
Love it ALL:   Become a consultant and get it all and a paycheck!

I joined The Pampered Chef almost 8 years ago for one reason, to get the great deal on the starter kit.  No, The Pampered Chef doesn't want to sell starter kits, they want to sell you the business.  So, for $159 you can get over $1000 in products and a paycheck in your first 30 days of business.  What a great deal.  I thought I'd try it.  I decided I would continue it for another 30 days because they offered more free products.  Then every month they kept offering free stuff and I just never quit.

I continue to do it for the free stuff but for other reasons as well.  The money is awesome.  I leave the house 2 days a week and make several thousand a month.  BUT the flexibility is fantastic.  I create my own schedule.  I work when I want.  I schedule the parties around my 5 children and husband's schedule.  I also have another job so I can work around that as well.  I love earning FREE trips to places like Hawaii, Paris, Austria, London, Bahamas.......the jewelry is a nice perk too.  WE ARE ALWAYS HIRING at my website.  No prior experience necessary.

Ok, so enough about the business.  I wouldn't have a business if it weren't for hosts.  We have had people hosting parties in their homes for over 30 years.  Without them we would have no business in the kitchen.   Hosting is wonderful!  You invite your friends, neighbors, family, co-workers,.... I come over and cook a wonderful recipe(s) for them to sample.  At the end of the demo they eat and order.  You as a host get your wish list FREE AND DISCOUNTED.  Please consider hosting a party.  I can help you every step of the way.

We also offer Fun(d) Raisers (money instead of products) and Pampered Bride Showers (double the benefits).  We also offer individual sales at my personal website:    That's me (Babettesfeast).  
Call me to book your party or join my team.

Margit (like TARGET) Miller
850 997 4478    cell  850 524 0176  
Facebook me under Margit Dryer Miller

Margit Miller Director- Coach-Trainer Call or Text 850-524-0176