Monday, July 2, 2012

Meet Our Members: Alisha Morgan of Paperclipped Memories

     Tallahassee native Alisha Morgan is a personal historian and the owner of Paperclipped Memories, LLC. Her company helps individuals and families preserve their life stories in beautiful, customized books. Her clients love their families and recognize the importance of safeguarding their history, and heritage, for the next generation. She helps them save time and frustration by doing all of the hard work for them—interviewing, writing, and book design—so that they can enjoy more quality time with the ones they love.

     "Some people tell me that their life is not interesting enough to write about," Alisha admits. "I always say, 'Think about your parents, grandparents, or siblings who have passed away. How often do you catch yourself remembering a certain story or a turn of phrase, and wish that someone would write it all down? I bet that person did not consider their life interesting enough to record either, but you know differently.'"

     Memoir writing is not the only service provided by Paperclipped Memories. Alisha also offers family history books, cookbooks, travel books, photo books, scrapbooks, genealogy research, and more. Her books make great gifts for birthdays, graduations, weddings, retirement parties, and other important life milestones. She even works with local businesses interested in books for their clients, employees, or in-store sales and promotions.

     Alisha became interested in writing personal essays while studying creative writing at Florida State University. However, she never thought that her education would lead to starting a business, much less earning money by doing something she enjoys. She is known as the family genealogist, and in her spare time, Alisha likes researching her ancestral roots. She also plans day trips just to visit the cemeteries en route.

     Alisha's portfolio can be found here: And you can follow Paperclipped Memories through Facebook, their Blog and Twitter.


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