Monday, February 13, 2012

"Are you READY?" Monster Jam Comes to Tallahassee

This weekend, the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam is coming to the Tallahassee Civic Center and we are giving away a family four-pack of tickets! Carrie, one of the Mom's Time Out Organizers, along with a little help from her vehicle-loving three-year old son, Jack, had the opportunity to interview Driver Scott Hartsock and get some information about the upcoming Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam. Read what he had to say and check out the awesome giveaway at the end!

If you haven't ever been to a show before, you are in for a great time. As a tip, be sure to grab a pair of ear plugs because these trucks are loud!

Background Information:

Residence: Bushnell, Florida

Date of Birth: 5/12/62

Began Competing: 1992

One of the best known and most successful superstars in Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam®, Scott Hartsock balances a passion for monster trucks and a drive for success with being a devoted family man.

What led you to Monster Truck driving?

It started over twenty years ago. He was a gunsmith by trade and always went to the same location, to the same chair. He always had a truck and worked on it in his spare time. Knowing these things, a contact from Salt Lake City encouraged him to look into monster truck rallies. After talking with his wife, Kathy, and getting her support, he decided to try it. In 1992, he was hooked during his first season. His family has traveled with him to the shows.

What is it like to be inside the truck?

It’s a high, an adrenaline high! It’s such a buzz. When you climb up in them (the truck), you go up a staircase into a big seat. You feel like a giant getting into his chair. There are lots of seatbelts to keep you safe and after getting all buckled in, you become one with the truck. Lots of safety makes you feel ten feet tall and like a giant. When the truck rumbles it is such a rush and then the announcer shouts, “Are you ready to see Gunslinger?” and the crowd cheers and the hair stands up on the back of your neck.

What should someone who hasn’t been to a Monster Jam expect?

Heart-pounding, adrenaline. If you have never been to a show, you will be surprised at how many people are there and wonder “what have I been missing?” You won’t believe how big the trucks actually are. Then, just wait until they fire up and you smell it.

Were trucks your favorite toy growing up?

“I can’t say that they were.” His Dad was a mechanic and passed away when he was very young, leaving behind his tool box. Scott enjoyed tinkering with engines, lawn mowers, and tools, but didn’t ever think he would drive trucks.

Can you tell us some more about your children?

Scott has two kids, Michael (17) and Caitlyn (23). Michael is a junior who is dual enrolled in high school and college, and is following in his daddy’s footsteps. Caitlyn recently graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Zoology, and is working at a zoo in Tampa. When they were younger, they always traveled together and Scott made modifications to an RV so the kids could be there with them.

Is there anything you would like to say that I haven’t asked?

He gave a few pieces of advice. Some drivers will talk about how you hope you flip, but he says, “Win lose or draw, the most important thing is that we get out of here safe and healthy.” He wants to make sure the next day he can say that he gave the fans 110% last night. At the end of the day, he wants to be with family.

We appreciated the opportunity to interview Scott Hartsock and wish him and all the other drivers lots of luck and safe driving at the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam.

Here is the even more fun part, you could win a family four-pack of tickets to the Friday night event! To enter, check out the trucks on the Monster Jam web site, and tell us which one is your favorite in the comments below. Please be sure to include your email address with your entry so we can contact you. We will pick the winner by random drawing on Thursday, February 16. Stay tuned for more details on how we will pick a winner.

If you would like to purchase tickets to this event, tickets are available online Ticketmaster or by phone at 800-745-3000.

And for the record, Jack likes Gunslinger, because he is red!

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  1. Grave digger has always been my children favorite!

  2. Ok carrie, you've convinced me...we might just give this a try ...provided we can find appropriate ear protection! for the record as an artist I like the PAINT JOBS best so batman and spiderman are cute but the ninja turtle truck is my favorite

  3. My kids love gravedigger but he won't be in tally. They would still be thrilled to see batman and superman!!! Man, I hope we win the tickets!!

  4. Well of course it's Batman!

  5. Spiderman!!!

  6. Since "Lightning McQueen" isn't in the running, we had to go with "El Matador".
    miteeduk at gmail dot com

  7. Iron Man! We are a super hero loving family! I have a six year old boy who used to watch that movie over and over and over again and got pretty good at imitating the machine sounds of Tony Stark suiting up! We have never been to a show but he would be sooo excited to get the chance!!

  8. My fav is "El Matador"!


  9. We love the Grave Digger!! We've never been to the show so we have to give it a try!!

  10. Batman...would love these for my nephew.

  11. Spike Unleashed!

  12. My son loves which ever truck flips the most, jumps the highest and does the most damage!!! :) He loves Maximum Destruction!! And the more destruction the better!

  13. The young boy I mentor age 10 likes all trucks. He has never been to a show but would enjoy it. He loves his remote control stunt car.

    1. My kids like Gravedigger, but of the trucks coming to Tally they like Batman......
      Would love to have a night out with them.

  14. Grave digger is the ultimate favorite. But I'm sure they all give great perfomances.

  15. Ragan HelblingFeb 15, 2012 10:16 AM

    We are going to go with "Monster Mutt!" :)

  16. my son would probably say El Matador (for Mater), and I would have to choose between Pitbull (since I love his music when I'm teaching my Zumba class!) and Mohawk Warrior, as a nod to my Native American heritage. :)
    ~Lorinne Myatt

  17. We love "Predator" the best at our house! Not only because he has a scary name (my son's reason) but because his colors are very in right now (my reason, I'm a decorator). We'd love to grab a few family members and get out of our comfort zone and watch some LOUD and CRAZY trucks this weekend!!

  18. My boys LOVE Batman and Monster Mutt - both of which will be here this weekend!
    We would LOVE to win some free tickets!

  19. We love Maximum Destruction but haven't been to a show in a long time. We do keep up with the trucks on the website though

  20. Hi, My kids have never been to one of these type shows. I used to go as a kid and this would be so cool for them! Something we could do as a family!!!
    My kids would love to see the Batman truck!
    I used to be a big fan of Bigfoot! :) (PAM)

  21. El Toro Loco! Paint job is fun, and it seems like an appropriate name for a huge truck!

  22. I have a crew of girls that just love these huge trucks. Batman is our family's favorite! (Lynda)

  23. Gravedigger has been my favorite aince I was a kid!

  24. Thank you to everyone who entered! The contest is now closed and the winner will be picked and announced later this afternoon.

  25. Congratulations, Melissa! You won the family four-pack of tickets!