Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mom-Owned Mondays (#MoM)

Let’s get to tagging! Less than a year ago, we started making a concerted effort to bring together moms-in-business to support each other. The response has been overwhelming!

We know two things for sure:
1. Moms want to support moms.
2. Moms-in-business want to support other Moms-in-business.

Fostering this community of support has been extremely rewarding and we think it is time to take it to the social network. Therefore, we are claiming Monday for Moms-in-Business and the Moms who support them!

If you are on Twitter, please tag your favorite Mom-Owned Businesses with #MoM for “Mom-Owned Mondays.”

If you are on Facebook, please “like” the Mom-Owned Mondays page and tag it when you share information on your page about your favorite Mom-Owned Businesses.

And businesses, if you have a Mom-Supporter of the week, go ahead and tag them too!

So, let's get to tagging!

Find us on Twitter @MomsTimeOutTLH and on Facebook at


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