Friday, July 1, 2011

Meet Our Members: Schroeder Communications

Today's member spotlight is on Cathy Schroeder of Schroeder Communications. Please take a moment to find out what this mom-owned business can do for you.

Schroeder Communications is a public relations firm that helps savvy business owners (a.k.a. moms!) promote their product or service. How? By developing a custom, affordable marketing strategy that meets your immediate needs, but is flexible enough to grow with you. There are many tools Schroeder Communications can help you use: social media, public relations, viral campaigns, internet marketing and more. For fellow MTO members, Cathy is offering a free consultation where she guarantees you'll walk away with one -- if not several -- ideas to promote your business for next to nothing. In Cathy's own words, ''So let's do lunch, grab a cup o' joe or let our kids run amok together while we build a buzz for your business!"

Find Schroeder Communications at or e-mail her at


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