Monday, May 16, 2011

Meet Our Members: Tallahassee Taekwondo

Lauren Fantle is a mom of two boys and is blessed to be able to do her job for her business, Tallahassee Taekwondo, from home. Tallahassee Taekwondo has been in Tallahassee since 1999 and her husband, Brad Fantle (6th degree Master Instructor), has enjoyed teaching both kids and adults for 19 years. They provide martial arts / taekwondo / fitness for ages 4 - 104! Life skills and personal development are integrated into their Tiger Cubs (4 & 5 year old program) and Junior program (6 - 12). Adults and teens enjoy the fitness and self defense while learning a life-long sport.

Please check out the website at or contact Lauren at


  1. I have only heard wonderful things about Tallahassee Taekwondo! Very glad you are part of the Mom's Time Out team!