Monday, May 23, 2011

Meet Our Members: Kameli Shae

Syrheda Reed-Leo is a mother of three little girls who serve as the inspiration for her company's inventory, goals and mission. She is also the owner/designer for Kameli Shae (pronounced Kah-mee-lee Shay). She enjoys handcrafting apparel and accessories for babies to big kids. Her pieces are enthusiastically transformed from concepts to creations. Inventory can include just about any thing at any time. She handmakes dresses, wallets, aprons, crayon rolls, etc. You name it and she probably can construct it. She transforms 100% designer cotton fabrics into fun & adorable creations that can be worn year round. She, also, designs digital invitations and announcements that you can print yourself. She even offers a complimentary design for your child's 1st Birthday invitations.

In addition, Kameli Shae is a stylish line of fashionable, high-quality clothing and accessories that are available in a full range of colors, textiles and silhouettes created using progressive construction techniques that are not only durable, but are affordable. This is a made-to-measure boutique and she prefers working from true measurements. She specializes in custom orders, "I will build, fit, or alter according to your individual specifications; I hope you will enjoy owning my items just as much as I enjoy bringing them to life!", says Reed-Leo.

Please check out her website at or contact Syrheda through Facebook at for more information.

Kameli Shae
handcrafted items from babies to big kids


  1. Such cute stuff! I can't wait to see you at The Summer Festival

  2. many thanks to you ladies for all that you're doing for my company! I love your inventory, as well, HLM.

  3. Great idea to support local moms. Best of luck, Syrheda!

  4. Love your fun fabrics! We are so happy that you will be a part of the June 4th event!