Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let MTO Help Your Business

Mom’s Time Out is organized by local moms-in-business who want to help promote each other connecting businesses with local moms.

There are other organizations that strive to promote business in general, but we want to keep costs minimal and especially seek to help new businesses gain exposure.

We all have our own businesses and completely understand how hard it is to not only get started but to also take care of every other part of the business- accounting, producing, maintaining, marketing, and of course, sharing. While we can’t take care of it all, we do hope to help make it easier for you to reach local moms, and thus help you share. By connecting you with other local moms-in-business, we hope you will make new friends who understand what being in business is like and can help share resource tips too.

MTO creates fun events and gives back to the community to raise awareness of all the great local and mom-run businesses in our area. Our developing web community also helps to connect moms with moms-in-business by getting everyone together in one place.

We believe that moms want to support other moms. However, with so many demands on our time, we can’t always seek out a mom-run business when it is time to get a baby gift or to find a more ecologically responsible alternative to common products to finding local service providers or even to buy something for ourselves.

So, if you are a business in the local area and want to reach more moms, consider joining our group. We have memberships available for moms-in-business (MTO Business Members) and other local businesses (MTO Supporters).

We also want to showcase the many great parent clubs in the area. You can join free! Just fill out the online application with all of your information and we’ll add you to the site.


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